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Funding for 2015 has closed. In order to have your child considered for the first grant application period, please have your applications submitted by January 31st, 2016. Any applications received after Feb 1st will be considered for our 2nd grant application period. Thank you

The Mr. Strong Foundation, Inc. is an IRS qualified 501 (c)3 corporation, registered in the state of Florida as a not-for-profit corporation with their focus solely on the needs of “special needs” children and their families. The Mr. Strong Foundation, Inc. wants to make sure that no special needs child be denied therapy services due to financial constraints and or lack of insurance coverage.
The Mr. Strong Foundation, Inc. is providing financial assistance for therapy services (ie: behavioral, occupational, physical and speech to families with children who have special needs).

Applicants must have a physical or mental disability that is recognized by the American Medical Association and is 18 years and younger.

Summer with Mr. Strong & Flat Herman

Summer time! A time when many families pack up and head out on adventures! A time when days are packed with play dates and play grounds! But imagine if your child had a life-threatening condition and it wasn't safe for him/her to leave your house. That's what Michelle & Landon are facing with Landon's newest diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. Exposure to everyday germs can be life threatening to Landon. So Mr. Strong Foundation has a challenge for you!! Move on over Flat Stanley, Flat Herman is on the scene!! And we need YOUR help!! Head over to our website and print him out! Take him with you on your summer adventures and take pics! Post them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #mrstrongsummer2015 and your location! We are kicking off this challenge with the ladies of Nook & Cranny as they road trip from Florida to Ohio! Here is Flat Herman's official debut!! What are you waiting for!? Print out Herman and post some pictures!! We can't wait to see all the places Herman visits this summer as he helps spread happiness and awareness across the land!! Let's bring some sunshine and smiles to Landon and Michelle this summer as they adjust to his new medical condition! Thanks for being part of #TeamMrStrong