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Helping Special Needs Children Who Cannot Help Themselves

Special needs boy with dogFlorida Crossroads Dec 2013Special needs children – they’re all around us. We see them at ballgames, the park and shopping malls. However, few people understand the anguish and pain these children and their families endure, trying to provide as normal a life as possible for these little angels.

The sleepless nights caring for their needs and worrying about how they’re going to pay. The constant battles with insurance companies to qualify for the lifetime therapies their child needs. If you could lessen the burden for just $5.00, would you want to?   LEARN MORE


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Jason Bartlett - Former All Star Tampa Bay Rays Shortstop
"The Mr Strong Foundation is a priceless organization that I feel as though everyone can relate to. Everyone knows someone close to their heart that could benefit from a wonderful organization like this one."

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