How will I know that my application is received?  
You should receive an email confirming the receipt of your application within 3 business days.
When will I hear if my grant has been awarded?

The Mr. Strong grant committee meets every 6-8 weeks and grants are reviewed on a rolling basis. You may be asked to provide additional information prior to the committee’s meeting and will be contacted on an individual basis if this is the case.

What kinds of therapy can I apply for?

Mr. Strong focuses on providing assistance for traditional therapies such as speech, occupational and physical therapy. Other therapeutic treatments will be considered on an individual basis.

How will we receive the grant?

Mr. Strong will contact your therapy provider in order to negotiate a plan of payment. All funds will typically be awarded only after the service is rendered and paid directly to the therapy provider. Please note that your therapist / clinic will have to agree upon terms.

How many visits can I apply for?

This depends on circumstance as well as cost per visit. Please note that Mr. Strong may grant assistance for a portion of the requested visits in order to assist the most children with therapeutic needs. The current cap provided is $1250.

Do you pay for equipment?

At this time, Mr. Strong Foundation does not assist with equipment funding. We believe that there are other charity organizations in our area that assist with this need.